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My blog is intended to show how I construct and write a historical novel. It will be a journal of my daily writing activity, as I write a new historical novel.

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I am a retired school teacher with a B. Ed in English literature a B.A. in History. After a long career as a teacher of English and history, I now write historical novels based on Canadian history.

Monday, November 07, 2005

A new novel

Today I started a new novel. It too is a historical novel based on the history of the Province of Alberta, Canada. It's actually a continuation of the series that I've already written ending with the creation of the province in 1905.
The idea for this novel has been germinating for a while, but no exciting premise came to mind.
Finally, yesterday, an idea, a germ of a theme for the new novel struck and filled me with excitement.
Today, I started planning it.
To start, I develop the intial germ of the theme by writing a description of what I had in mind and from that I composed a single sentence that it the crux of what the novel will be about. With this in mind, I will not develop the characters, the setting, and the plot.
That's the beginning!
In the meantime, I'm also promoting my latest book, The Venturers. I've had two signings and two reading and next week I'll be doing another reading in Edson, a city one hour west of my home.
You can check the novel out at


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