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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Pregnancy problems

Daniel and Harriet are extremely happy now that she is pregnant, but this does not last too long as the pregnancy becomes difficult.

Doctors are few so women rely on midwifes for help and advice. Usually all goes well, but not for Harriet. She becomes very sick and the midwife advises bed rest and quiet. Harriet obeys and all seems to be progressing satisfactorily until Harriet ignores the midwife’s advice.

The result: she miscarries to her disbelief and to Daniel’s anger.

Such occurrences were common during the early pioneer days in Alberta and for that matter in most areas of Canada and the USA.

Some were due to the scarcity of doctors, others to ignorance, and still others to poor conditions in the homes—hard work, poor diet, poor sanitation, and little regard for germs, bacteria, and viruses.

This is 1894. Although Edmonton is growing into a town with doctors and a hospital, the women in the rural areas were often far from such resources. Twenty miles was a long distance in those days, usually five or six hours travel by horse or oxen. In any case, life was not as valued as it is today because deaths were common.


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