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Monday, April 11, 2005

Back on track

I’m back working on my WIP after a hiatus of several days. Today, I was in the middle of chapter seven, and as usual I planned the scene that I intended to write with a goal for my protagonist, Daniel Martin, now twenty year old and working to improve his homestead. His plans are thwarted by the troubles brewed up by the Metis and Indians.

It’s the spring of 1885 and trouble is really brewing in the Saskatchewan Territory around the town of Prince Albert, Batoche, and Duck Lake, the centers most riled up.

Danny is sympathetic to the Metis and Indian cause and tries to convince the people in and around Edmonton that violence is unlikely when the Duck Lake debacle takes place and several North West Mounted Police and Metis are killed in a clash between the two.

At this point, young Margerite Beauregarde rides out to Daniel’s homestead to apprise him of the situation.

The interesting thing about this scene was the intrusion of Marguerite Beauregarde as the deliver of the news to Daniel. It surprised me, but it was fitting. I’m not sure what significance this will have for the story.

But it is fun to speculate!


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