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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Daniel successfully resisted Marguerite’s attempt to seduce him because he aspired to make Geraldine his wife.

He again attempts to seek permission from Geraldine’s father, Edouard, to court Geraldine.

Although Edouard is certain that his wife, Agathe, will never allow it, he does tell Geraldine about Daniel’s request to see her.

Daniel meets Geraldine secretly and they confirm their attraction and love for each other, but they are discovered by Agathe who separates them and vows that neither of her daughters will ever have any relationship with him.

This is the crux of the scene that I wrote today. One important aspect was to research the practice of courtship during this French Canadian era to which Daniel and the Beauregardes belong. This was 1884 in the North West Territories of Canada.

It was interesting to learn that many marriages at this time were arranged by the parents of daughters who had little input into the pact. Also most females married at a very young age, some hardly reaching puberty. Most people lived with a strict code of conduct.

This was a driving force for many young people at this time.


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