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My blog is intended to show how I construct and write a historical novel. It will be a journal of my daily writing activity, as I write a new historical novel.

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I am a retired school teacher with a B. Ed in English literature a B.A. in History. After a long career as a teacher of English and history, I now write historical novels based on Canadian history.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

The meeting

Because Daniel sympathizes with the Indians and Metis, he seeks a meeting with Big Bear an important chief of the Cree who are restive because of their treatment by the Canadian government.
When he goes to the Cree camp he meets with Raven, Sparkling Eyes uncle, who believe he is there to retrieve her as his mate. When Daniel inidcates otherwise, Raven is not prone to help him meet with the great chief.
Sparkling Eyes, on the other hand, believes that it is important and helps him achieve his mission since a confrontation between the government and the Indians, Crees, and some disgruntled whitemen seems very likely.
This scene is mainly historical in nature.


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