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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Ok, so Daniel got the job

Daniel got the job on the track laying crew of the Canadian Pacific Railway as it pushes across the prairies. Unfortunately, some of the crew are not happy with him because of his enthusiasm and energy although Barnie, the foreman, appreciates his attitude.
Barnie leaves suddenly and Jake, who, for some reason, does not like Daniel takes over bossing the crew.
I'm not sure what will happen to Daniel now, but I should know tomorrow. I plan to finish the chapter tomorrow and if it goes according to my outline, it should be a positive situation for Daniel.


Anonymous Karin said...

Charles, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. My novel is coming along slowly but surely. I'm on chapter 10. I don't do a set word count for each chapter as I divide them by time and place. Because I'm somewhere in the middle I'm finding it more challenging than at the beginning. I don't know if you're interested in getting more readers for your blog but I'm hosting this week's carnival for New Blog Showcase. Just follow the link; I did mention it this past week so it should be on the first page. Deadline is Sunday.

3:19 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

Hi Karin, you are going great...chapter 10. In my first draft I try to keep each chapter at about 5000 words, but on rewrite and revision, they can be of any length--some short, some long, as I even vary the chapter titles. Yes, I agree with you, the beginning and the end are usually the easiest to write; it's the middle that can flounder.
OK on you hosting the carnival. Good luck. I don't think I can make it though.
As far as more reader--if they come, they come. Although I suppose it would be enjoyable to have comments. I enjoy yours, so thanks.

9:38 PM  

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