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I am a retired school teacher with a B. Ed in English literature a B.A. in History. After a long career as a teacher of English and history, I now write historical novels based on Canadian history.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Back at it

Well, after a gap of several days, I'm finally back at work on my novel. Today, I continued with chapter three. First, I reviewed what I wrote before to get back in the groove, so to speak. Daniel was now working on a new ranch that was established in the foothills south and west of Fort Macleod.
Cattle and ranching were a new experience for him so he had much to learn about breaking horses, rounding up cows, roping and branding, and the lonely life of a cowboy. Today, he rode a wild bronco but did not break it. As well, he learned how to round up and rope calves to be branded.
He didn't find the experience to be pleasant so he now has second thought about that kind of life. Perhaps he will move on to something else. If all goes according to my plan, he will, but I'm never sure if my characters will follow my vision of their life.
The writing progress well, but I'm not sure that I'm satisfied with it. Tomorrow, I'll review it; maybe it will require a rewrite.


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